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Quality of life of people has also the air quality they breathe. We aim to contribute to a critical and constructive analysis of the air quality in Guarda City, Portugal.


Follow the monitoring of air quality in Guarda city.


Sending alerts to your phone when there are abnormal levels of air quality.


It is intended, Rebuild, and Revitalize Assign Density Conceptual to "Serra da Estrela" Brand.



The SMAG project (Air Monitoring System of Guarda) aims a monitoring of the air quality in Guarda city, with the action program namely "Study and Air Quality Certification".

The project is developed under the program "Rebuild, Revitalize and Assign Conceptual Density to the Serra da Estrela brand", integrating in the Collective Efficiency Strategy - PROVERE "Buy NATURE: SUSTAINABLE TOURISM IN CLASSIFIED AREA.

From a chemical point of view, are being monitored the following gases:

Ozone (O3);

Carbon Monoxide (CO);

Nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2 and NOx);

Dioxides Sulfur (SO2);

Total Hydrocarbons;

Volatile Organic Compound (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, p+m-xylene, o-xylene);

Particle PM10.



Project SMAG


Av. Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro Nº50

6300-559, Guarda - Portugal

Tel: +351 271 220 165